Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wesley The Cat

This is the first day of my new blog Cricut Critters Designs (CCD). I am featuring animal, bugs, birds, any kind of critter that can be put together using Cricut parts. OK, That sounds strange..So we will call it paper piecing.
These are not part of an image that can be totally just cut out with
the Cricut. Some thinking goes behind these, and well..I think its much more fun to see and create your own Critter with just your own imagination.. This is my Cricut Critter Design below..

                         Cricut Cartridge used: ART PHILOSOPHY
                         Click HERE if you want to learn more about
                         this cartridge. It has 700 images to cut.WOW!!


These are the parts used to make "Wesley"
using the Art Philosophy Cartridge. 
ADD 2 white 1" circles for the eyes

Lets get started...
Start with the bottom left piece on the photo (rounded tab)
that is your back body, apply white ink around the edges of all
the black parts. Add the 4 1/2" tummy circle, then add the white
chest after you clip the edges to make it look like fur. Then pop up the head part. Adhere the pink ears (sponge with black ink around edges) to the black ears, and attach to back of head. Dry fit the face parts starting with the cheeks, the 1" white circles for the eyes, then the nose to get a pleasing look. Tuck the tongue (3/4 oval cut) up under the cheeks before you glue it down. The black pupils go on top
of the blue bases with just enough showing to make it a blue eyed cat (or green whatever your preference is). Dont put them
right in the center of your white circles, move them over just a bit.
Then pop up the eyelids and attach. Add touches of a white gel pen to dot
the eyes to give his eyes life, add whiskers, and draw on some claws.
Lastly attach the tail and add a colar.

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  1. Oh my goodness, how adorable. I just bought this cartridge and would never have thought to use it in this capacity. I just love your cat and bunny. A friend of mine just lost her cat and this would be an adorable image but I am new to the cricut and not sure if I could pull it off. Thanks for sharing these wonderful creations, Hugz